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Golf Instruction Gift Certificates are a great way to say "Thank You"
or to celebrate the special occasion of a golfer in your life!

Golf lessons make a great gift for anyone who enjoys golf, from beginners to the advanced player, and are
perfect for every occasion - birthdays, a good report card, groom's gift idea, client appreciation, and so much more!
Golf Instruction Gift Certificates can be purchased for any value and may be personalized for the occasion. Our certificates
can be issued for private instruction with PGA Professional, Eric MacCluen, or for Applecross Golf Academy group programs

~ Please refer to the appropriate program pages of the web site for instruction information and rates.

~ Eric MacCluen Golf LLC DOES NOT issue gift certificates for private lessons with staff instructors.

Golf instruction gift certificates are not available for purchase at the Applecross Country Club pro-shop.
To purchase a gift certificate please download and complete the request form available below.
All processing and payment instructions are explained on the request form. However, if you have
additional questions regarding gift certificates you may contact Holly MacCluen at 484-888-6610.

Click Here for the Gift Certificate Request Form

All gift certificates requested for Christmas delivery/pickup must be

received no later than 4pm on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

  • EMG office hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday thru Friday.

  • Please allow up to 24 hours to receive confirmation of your request form.

  • Gift Certificate requests received after 5pm on Friday may not be processed until 9am Monday morning.

  • Any gift certificate needed for a special occasion or holiday should be requested in advance to allow adequate time for processing.

  • EMG cannot guarantee a gift certificate to be issued on the same day it is requested, however, a temporary gift certificate may be
    e-mailed prior to receiving payment if needed.

  • Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be issued for Eric MacCluen Golf LLC gift certificates.


Redemption of Gift Certificates

In Pennsylvania, gift certificates unredeemed for two years after the expiration of their redemption period, or five years from the date of issuance if they contain no expiration date, are presumed abandoned and escheat to the state. Escheat laws require that unclaimed property be turned over to the state after a certain period of time. However, gift certificates are not considered property and therefore not subject to the escheat laws.

Pennsylvania law holds that gift certificates are written contracts to perform a service or deliver a good by a specified date upon presentation of the certificate. However, should such a certificate expire (ie. contract expire), the issuer has no legal obligation to perform the service or deliver the product after the expiration period.

Eric MacCluen Golf LLC gift certificates have an expiration date of 1 year from the date of issue (ie. redemption period of 1 year). Eric MacCluen will continue to honor gift certificates for up to 3 years from the date of issue or "two years after the expiration of their redemption period". After 3 years from the date of issue, Eric MacCluen Golf LCC gift certificates will be considered abandoned and no longer valid for redemption.




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