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Testimonials from:
Teaching Professional ~ Mike Brotschol,
Student ~ Suzanne Tamassia, and
Touring Professional ~ Michaela Cavener.

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Eric has taught Michaela Cavener from the age of 10 and is very proud of all her accomplishments in life and in golf...

"Eric is very unique in the fact that he can explain the golf swing to kids in a way that they can understand it. He uses a variety of tools to create different drills that are usually made of things that can be found around the house. The way he teaches is fun for kids... and his passion for kids is unlike any other. I will always be grateful to Eric MacCluen for inspiring my passion for golf and providing me the foundation I need to pursue my dreams." ~ Michaela Cavener, LPGA Futures Tour Professional

"I believe Eric is a performance oriented professional with great insight. As a golf coach, I find Eric perfect for me. He does not have a cookie-cutter approach to teaching. He looks at me and my swing and begins where he knows he can help. One can only assimilate so much at a time, so he always gives me just enough to perform each meeting. And, he expects me to practice. Eric is friendly and engaging, but he is demanding for those who benefit from a high performance teacher. I've watched Eric be gentle with those inhibited souls who just want  to learn a little and may have limited mobility. That person could be a child or young woman or an older man. He can adjust to the student's personal expectation for themselves. I'm 59 and have only been playing golf a few years, but I've been playing racquetball for twenty years. He knows I can do better. I know I can do better. I like the fact he expects more of me and can demand it. With his help, I finally know the mechanics of a good swing and my game has consistently improved." ~ David White, President/ CEO, Design Design
"I have worked with Eric for a year and a half now. He has done wonders in improving my swing. He has taken me from a 30 handicap to a 6.3. He is good at determining what I am doing wrong and showing me how to correct it. He can be tough sometimes but it has been worth it. Eric really knows what he is talking about." ~ Jake Biasotto / Age 16


"The best way to describe the respect we have for Eric comes from my husband, an obsessive scratch golfer who is rarely impressed, and who gave golf tips to our first child in utero. He told me that as soon as our first child was born, I was to sign him up with Eric for golf lessons. Well, I waited three years and with much trepidation called Eric. It was clear within 5 minutes how extraordinary Eric really is. Simply, he understands kids! He does not talk down to them ever, rather explains each lesson clearly with terms they will understand. He makes the lessons encouraging, fun and entertaining, all the while maintaining control and their attention. He carefully brings each student along step by step, all the while giving them the confidence to realize they can play against and with others, a skill critical in all facets of their lives.

He engages each child personally with his or her particular interests, so he can explain the topics in terms that are relevant to the student. He teaches the student to think about their shots and why they are hitting a particular shot in a specific manner. Eric is just as incredible with adult and teens. There are several teenagers I work with on a professional basis, who are also students of Eric’s. They talk constantly about how much they love the game, because they like to work with Eric. Eric notices every detail of his student’s swing and not only tells a student how to improve, but explains why again in terms they will understand. I was watching a lesson with a few parents one day, and Eric asked one of the fathers to help in a demonstration. As the father grabbed the club, Eric asked the kids what might the man do to improve his shot. The father was so impressed that his child knew and understood why one small turn of his grip improved his shot that he is signing up for lessons as well. Perhaps the most compelling trait of Eric is his complete passion for each child’s success. The sincerity he shows each student is evident in his consistent praise and ongoing support of each child. As winter approached, we were concerned that if we took off too much time, our son would lose the knowledge, muscle memory and momentum that he has worked so hard to achieve this fall. When the weather got cold, Eric invited us to work with him at his home, ours or anywhere that worked for us. Eric also took a video and photos of my son’s grip and swing at the beginning of the lesson and then at the end. He emailed them to us, in case we had a question or could not make a lesson for a few weeks, Jake would not forget what he learned and could easily go back and look at the video to be sure he was correct in his techniques. In the past three months Eric has gotten involved with the after school programs at several local schools. I personally called many of my friends to sign their children up for the lessons and every single parent, that did sign their children up had called to thank me and tell me how much their child has gotten from Eric. Several have signed up for private lessons as well. Perhaps Eric’s best accolades come from his students, many of who have gone on to college golf scholarship and a lifetime of enjoyment in being not just a competent golfer, but a confident golfer as well.

Now, after ten years of knowing and working with Eric, we will follow Eric wherever he goes, as will most of his students. The joy on our son’s face when he hits a great shot or got his first birdie was the most beautiful gift any parent could receive. I can only stress that Eric’s following is enormous and his warm compassionate personality is an asset to anyone and everyone he meets and has the pleasure of working with. He certainly has enriched our lives with his friendship, kindness, warmth and as professionalism." ~ Elisa Komins Morris

"It has been my experience over the last two years observing Eric’s teaching of my son, Cole (now 13 years old), my daughter, Liddie (now 9 years old), and Andrew (now 7 years old), that provides the basis for this recommendation. Eric’s unique ability to break down the fundamentals of the golf swing and teach potentially complicated body movements in a manner that is understood by a wide age range of children is, frankly, profound. Each of my children learn in dramatically different ways and, yet, Eric has moved each of them toward tremendous improvements in their basic swing mechanics. So much so that other players and their parents have commented to me on the dramatic improvements in my children’s golf swings. Eric’s enthusiasm for each element of the game of golf, and, perhaps more importantly, each child’s opportunity to play golf well is genuine. Perhaps this is why I am not surprised to receive a call in the middle of the week from Eric excitedly explaining a new practice drill that will improve Liddie’s rotation. Likewise, he will tirelessly work with Cole’s swing, creatively challenging him with new drills, while consistently offering words of encouragement. As a result, each of the kids frequently asks to spend time with Eric to continue to improve and to play golf. As a parent, I am amazed and grateful for the skills that Eric brings to his teaching. With the same grace and enthusiasm, I am aware that Eric seeks out many opportunities to bring the game to kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience golf. He is without question, an outstanding advocate and teacher of golf. You will benefit greatly by having him work with you to promote this great sport." ~ Peter McCook


Eric is honored to receive such an enthusiastic testimonial from Thomas M. Sterner, the highly regarded Corporate/ Life Coach, Radio Talk Show Host, and Author of "The Practicing Mind".




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